Signs that You Have to Fix Your Foundation 

Fixing your foundation can be a bit expensive. This depends on the situation and severity. You can lower the cost of a foundation repair service if you’re able to spot the issue early on. On the other hand, foundation problems can cause further destruction on your property if left ignored.  


Here are several signs that indicate you need a foundation repair Plano service: 

Sinking Concrete Slabs 

A concrete that’s sinking is an indication that the soil under the foundation is moving. Voids will happen in the soil if the soil is not compacted properly before building the foundation. Because of this, the foundation and the structure become uneven. This leads to structural damage down the line. 

Bowing Walls 

Another indication that you have to fix your foundation is bowing walls. They are a serious indication of foundation failure. Call an expert foundation repair company right away if you’ve got bowing walls in the basement. This problem is caused by hydrostatic pressure on the basement walls. This is when water puts pressure on the basement walls that can cause structurally unsafe conditions, bowed walls, and cracks. If this is the case, you’ve got to address the flow of water from your home’s exterior as well as the bowing walls.  

Sloping Floors 

Another indication of uneven foundation settlement is sloping floors. If this issue isn’t properly fixed, cracks will start to appear in the ceilings, floors, walls, or near the windows and doors. That’s why you have to act fast. Oftentimes, sloping floors are caused by uneven settlement because of changes in the composition of the soil under the foundation. You can often recognize sloping floors by inspecting the baseboard trim of your property. Your floors are probably sloping downward if there’s a gap on one end but not on the other side.  


Cracking is perhaps the most obvious indication of a foundation issue. If left ignored, foundation cracks can lead to a long list of other problems, whether they’re located on the floor or in your walls.  

Though minor cracks from the settlement are normal and typically are not a cause for concern, any cracks that grow or cracks that are bigger than a hairline crack has to be examined.  

Fix the foundation if you’ve got a damp basement or if you spot water leakage.  

Water from the exterior of your house can leak through to the basement if foundation cracks are left ignored. Any case of dampness or water in the basement has to be examined by an expert as soon as possible. One effective and simple way to avoid the growth of dangerous mold and infestation of pests is to waterproof your basement.  

When it comes to foundation problems, you have to hire a professional foundation contractor right away. This is particularly true if you spot the signs mentioned above. If you keep ignoring these problems, you’ll end up spending more money since it will only result in a lot of damages. Thus, you have to act as soon as possible.