Easy Tips to Take Care of Your House 

We all want to make our houses more attractive to ourselves. However, we usually get tangled up in how comfortable we are that we overlook how our guests may feel and perceive staying in our home. Everyone loves a home that’s properly maintained. There are several ways for you to make your house more attractive to your guests and make them feel thrilled coming over every time you invite them over. Here are 4 tips you should keep in mind to somehow maintain your home: 


Eradicate pet odors 

Sometimes our pets can use our entire house as their bathroom. They can see a spot where they can release all of their substance, which can be anywhere from your furniture, beds, or even your carpet. You can utilize sprays and such to try covering and concealing the odor. However, it’ll still linger around once it’s not properly attended to. Perhaps you want to know how to immediately remove pet smells. Here are some tips from cleaning experts you can take action: 

For you to remove pet smells, you will be needing an expert pet odor and stain removal specialist that can offer pet odor and stain removal services, and carpet cleaning in Santa Maria. If you want to hire an expert, make sure that they utilize a particular solution intended to effectively remove pet odors and stains.  

Remove strong smells 

The easiest thing to start dealing with your house would be to remove your apparent sources. Your trash tends to produce nasty smells and unsolicited pests in your house. So, make sure to dispose of your trash as soon as it becomes full. Refrain from heaping more waste for as long as you can. Also, you can consider wiping down any smelly or sticky surfaces using a soapy wet rag. Try to vacuum any spots in your home that you can reach and utilize a furniture or carpet powder to cover any lingering smell.  

Keep your bathroom and kitchen clean 

If you’ve invited visitors to come over your home, perhaps you’re planning to have a great eating session. Regardless if you’re bringing in food or cooking, make sure to prioritize maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen. Usually, our kitchens are where we create our food and start off. If your kitchen is dirty, it commonly brings in bacteria and germs that can possibly endure until they are successfully removed. The last thing you want to get into your food is bacteria since it can make you get sick. It’s vital to have a clean kitchen to promote a healthy home and make a great impression on your friends and family.  

Your bathroom is the most visited place in your house. So, guarantee that it’s equipped with essential supplies like toilet paper and towels to help your visitors stay clean. Also, ensure that your personal belongings are out of sight and that you have disposed of your trash. Then, keep your counters clean and wiped down for a polished bathroom look. 

Plants to Make Your Winter Lawn Colorful 

A lot of gardening and lawn enthusiasts hate the winter season since it is not as fun as the fall, summer, and spring when it comes to their crop involvement. Moreover, they dread seeing dormant landscape/yard out of their windows in the winter season. However, winter is not actually all gloom and doom for your yard. As a matter of fact, you can do something to make sure that your bland landscape will be having a pop of color even during the cold months. To give you an idea, check out the following plants that can add texture and vibrancy to any yard and landscape: 


Native serviceberries 

If you have not tried nurturing this type of plant in your lawn, now is the best time to do so. Whenever the springtime comes, you will be noticing white blossoms that are great to take pictures with. Also, you can enjoy their delicious berries in June. At fall time, the orange and red hues of this plant will be amazing. However, just be careful as you decide to grow this since birds love to take some berries. If you plan to save the berries, make sure to net the trees.  


Nandina performs best in mild winters. This plant is a must-have to line your garden so that all of you can enjoy its beautiful berries and green leaves. Guarantee to have this planted at the center and in front. This is certainly one of the prettiest things you can incorporate in your landscape.  

Japanese maples  

Japanese maples are shrubs that feature contorted branches and delicately shaped trunks. Planting this can incorporate a deep purple to your winter lawn. Since these shrubs are hardy yet dainty at the same time, they can surely incorporate a hint of elegance to your winter landscaping in Lompoc 


This leafy evergreen provides a beautiful berry display even during the coldest season. Moreover, this type of plant quickly grows and greatly works as a groundcover.  


According to the winter gardeners, the holly bush is a perennial favorite due to its attractive display of evergreen leaves hinted by gold and red berries.  

Winter jasmine 

Winter jasmine, or scientifically known as Jasminum Nudiflorum, don’t have any issues to grow. This flower is simple but offers small hints of yellow tones and colors.  


Camellias have vibrant pink-colored flowers that like moist and acidic soil that’s packed with organic matter. Once they blossom during late fall and winter, you will definitely love their waxy-petal flowers that come in different colors like white, coral, pink, and red,   

Kale and cabbage 

Ornamental kales and cabbages can adequately survive the cold winter while bringing an entirely new texture and look to any beds of your garden. Moreover, these may be among the well-sought annual plants for winter. They provide an entirely distinct texture to your landscape beds at this time. Also, they can survive most cold seasons after they have been hardened by cooler nighttime temperatures.